Workshop 2014

Artrust prepared, during Carl Walter Liner’s exhibition, an exciting sensory path suitable for children, created in order to lead them towards an understanding of the artist and the exhibited works. The guided tour includes, firstly, the phase that will take the children into the theme of color, involving them, through play and interaction, using theirs five senses. Then, they will be part of the second phase where a planned recreational group activity is organized, which will allow children to participate in a lively artistic moment. The workshop dedicated to Liner’s art is the third one after those dedicated to Gen Paul and Mario Comensoli: two preceding events that have found success from the number of participation, which is that of hundreds of schoolchildren from various institutes in Ticino.


  • Bring children to the world of art
  • Conduce them to the recognition of colors and theirs expressive possibilities
  • Stimulate creativity and observation skills
  • Encourage teamwork


Through five set-up rooms, children will discover the strength of the artworks’ colors and the related feelings. Special activities and games have been designed to stimulate the five senses: taste, touch, hearing, smell and sight.

To conclude the visit, the children will be part of a creative color analysis game. Each child will choose his favorite color, analyzing its various aspects: smell, emotion, animal, sound and all the other characteristics and feelings related to the chosen color.