An artistic gift for grandparents and family

In occasion of Christmas holidays, Artrust proposes educational workshops, for children aged between 3 to 10 years, where art becomes an opportunity for learning, playing and having fun.

Focusing on arts’ themes and starting from existing great artworks, children will have the opportunity to practice different techniques to realize their own artworks, as a Christmas gifts for grandparents and family.


Winter landscape by Koko-Micoletzky

“Lac de montagne (Saint Moritz)” – Friedrich Albin Koko-Micoletzky

Taking as a reference, Friedrich Albin Koko-Micoletzky’s painting representing a snowy landscape, a child had reproduced it on canvas and creating the effect of the snow using cotton balls.

Men in motion by Keith Haring

Inspired by Keith Haring, children had colored the background of the white canvas, and then pasted little figures that were previously cut so to create movement

Calder’s mobiles

“Black Elephant 540/999” – Alexander Calder

Starting from an Alexander Calder’s “mobile”, children had built their own sculpture with suspended forms of a moon and a sun, using colored cardboard and shapeable iron wire