We are an art company. We are not a gallery nor are we a museum. Or maybe we are both, simultaneously. To define us is not easy and, if we could, we would prefer not to. To define is caging, entering into an enclosure. We live art, with art and for art, and art can’t and shouldn’t be forced into closed definitions. It needs open spaces to move in total freedom.

Art is the center to which all our work turns around.

It is the beating heart that fuels our ideas, our activities, our projects, current and future.


A work of art, even the most valuable one, can’t be defined as such, if no one can fully admire it and enjoy its beauty. To fulfill its function, which is to transmit emotions and convey messages, it is necessary that on the other side of the canvas there be eyes and hearts able to catch and understand them.

Our art collection, which includes thousands of pieces of great modern and contemporary artists and antiques, is a treasure that we decided to enhance and share. Our mission is to bring it to the knowledge of the widest audience possible.

A goal that we pursue with passion and enthusiasm, not only through trade, sale or rental of paintings and sculptures, but trying to make our collection a source to draw a series of activities: the organization of monographic and thematic exhibitions with the artists in the collection, the publication of art catalogues, the proposal of educational workshops for children, the rental of the exhibition spaces for private events, the collaboration and the loan of artworks to museums, foundations and associations.




Werefkin, Fontana, Segantini, Giacometti, Tinguely, Picasso, Mirò. These are just some of the big names included on Artrust collection. More than 2,000 works, among paintings and sculptures, compose a large and varied collection of modern and contemporary art, which covers a time span ranging from the late ‘800 to the present days.
Among the more than 300 painters and sculptors present, a particular preference is reserved to artists from Switzerland or those who have their lives intertwined with the history of our country.



Not only art: our passion is also extended to antiques. The collection includes a wide selection of precious pieces of silverware, with particular attention to the Russian one, and watches from the best Swiss and European tradition. Moreover, we have one of the world’s most important collection of wine tasters, with over 4 thousand pieces dating from the fifteenth century, coming mainly from France, but also from the rest of Europe and the world.


Educational Workshops

The future of art passes from the hands, the dreams, and the sensitivity of our children. Educating the younger generation to art, accustom them from their early age to the relationship with the artrwork, with their vision and interpretation, it is one of our priorities, as well as the purpose of the workshops that we organize periodically. Formative moments in which art is an instrument of interaction and inspiration for educational activities, in which game, dexterity and learning come together in a learning path that can stimulate creative thinking.
Our laboratories are dedicated to children from three to ten years and they are open to private, schools and kindergarten.


For some months during the year, our company in Melano hosts monographic and thematic exhibitions, showing the works of the artists in the collection. By opening our spaces to the public, with free entrance and guided tours, our willingness to share art is expressed at its highest levels.
Our intent is to bring art to the widest possible audience, allowing anyone, not only experts and professionals, to know, admire and purchase the works on display. For this reason, each exhibition proposes, besides the traditional visit, an innovative way to experiment – with new approaches – the artistic path, engaging and exciting different publics. We also organize events and other related activities, always having the artist and his work as a reference and inspiration.

Location for events

During exhibitions, our spaces can become an ideal and original location for corporate and private events. Displayed artworks are transformed into an exclusive frame for business lunches, dinners, conventions, meetings, anniversaries. In collaboration with Arvi – among the largest trader of rare wines in the world – we provide our exhibition area, as well as the tasting room, to organize your tailored event. We take care of the management of the event, by offering tastings of fine wines and specifically designed menu, which match to the works on display, in an intriguing blend of wine, food and art.

BzmbNGjIgAAabADArt Catalogs and Children’s books

Our willingness to convey the passion for art, divulge and spread the knowledge of artists and works is also actualized in our publications. For each exhibition we cure, we create a catalog complete with biography and critical texts, in collaboration with experts and academics of international standing. We pay special attention to children, using art as a starting point to create stories suitable for young readers. The goal is to allow children to become familiar with art in different ways, more engaging than traditional teaching manuals and books.

Sale, rental, consulting

All the artworks and antiques present in our collection are on sale. Our goal is to provide to our customers a complete and tailored service, an all rounded advice service, both for the artistic and economic fields.
An attention to detail that translates into a whole range of services after the purchase, which include transportation and delivery, preparation, counseling for insurance and any subsequent need. We are also available for requests for temporary rental of works of art, for events and productions of location.

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