Technique: bronze Brooch and IKB pigment, mounted in plexiglass box covered with golden leaf 110/500
Size: 6 x 2,5 x 0,5 cm
Date: 2001
Signature: no
ID: 2692


Klein Yves (1928 – 1962)

Klein was born in Nice from two artist parents. He took oriental studies including Judo discipline. In 1947, he met Arman and Pascal and got close to the world of writing. The following year, he travelled around the world and stayed for a period in England. Being back to France, he started to exhibit in 1955; at that time, he created small monochromes paintings and started to paint on rolls of paper. He got more visibility by exhibiting in renowned galleries and his researches focused more and more on
monochrome pieces. He met Restany and Tinguely, and together they found the Nouveaue Réalisme movement. Conceptual, enigmatic and original, Yves Klein’s artworks stand out for theirs idealization, in which elements such as emptiness, nirvana, and perception of matter formed the essence of works. Klein was not interested in creating artworks through a subjective and personal dimension; what he wanted, was to show the true essence of the image. In fact, Klein succeeded to transmit the perception and the understanding of an abstract idea. He died in Paris in 1962.