Technique: mixed media on New York subway map
Size: 82,5 x 58,3 cm
Date: 2009
Signature: no
ID: 2714

Fernando Carlo (1968 – )

Fernando Carlo Jr., internationally known as Cope2, is yet another result of the Bronx, cradle of Graffiti, where everything finds its origin. Encouraged by his cousin Chico80, Cope2 starts to tag his name in 1978 and he later founds his own crew: “Kids Destroyer” (later renamed “King’s Destroyer” following his self-proclamation as “King of Line 4”). Since then, Cope2 has been active as street artist internationally for more than four decades. In the mid 1990s he achieved worldwide fame thanks to his unique style, his throw-ups (graffiti performed with few colours in little time), his emblematic bubble letters and his wild style graffiti. Cope2 becomes a true legend of the Graffiti culture; the mainstream recognition of his art leads him to receive commissions from several brands including Adidas, Converse, Footlocker and even the Time Magazine. His masterpieces have gone even beyond reality, featuring in the virtual world in different videogames. In September 2010, Cope2 gets arrested for some graffiti painted in New York Subway a year before: an episode that reminds us how being a street artist is still today a borderline illegal profession.