Balcony with carnations

Technique: oil on canvas
Size: 91 x 48 cm
Date: 1882
Signature: no
ID: 816



Segantini Giovanni (1858 – 1899)

Italian painter from Tyrol, Segantini grew up facing a tough childhood and a vagrant youth. He ended up in reformatory in Milan and, once released, started an apprenticeship at a photo lab, approaching art. His emerging artistic vocation led him to attend courses at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan. At the academy, Segantini acquired a painting technique with clear late-romantics and realists influen

ces and got close to the Milanese artistic environment. In 1879, during the national exhibition of Brera, he was noticed by critics and achieved his first recognitions. He began a fruitful collaboration with Victor Grubicy, art critic and his admirer, starting an employment relationship and friendship that will last for a long time. Once finished his studies, Segantini moved to Brianza (1881-86). In those years, he disconnected from youth academicism, in the direction of a personal and meditated style, characterized by the rustic theme and the study of light. Meanwhile, Grubicy conducted for him an intense promotional activity, increasing its reputation even abroad. In the last decade of the nineteenth century, Segantini continued to refine his style: his search led him gradually to join the pointillism movement, becoming one of its greatest exponents. This membership strongly emerges in the works of the last period (1894-99), spent working in the Alpine valleys of the Engadine and characterized by paintings full of symbolism and mysticism.

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