Technique: baked clay sculpture, glazed ceramic and glue
Size:  30 x 30 cm
Date: 2021
Signature: on the back
ID: 3963
Price: fr. 860.- (VAT 7,7% incl.) – unframed
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Austrian, she initially studied comics and animation, but quickly fell in love with clay and porcelain and switched to ceramics classes.  In 2010 she started her “Tiles” project: a series of small relief tiles that she installs not only in cities, but also far from any sign of civilisation, thus differentiating herself from the classical conception of urban art. Today there are more than 504 of his works scattered around the world, both in large metropolises and in remote areas such as the jungles of New Zealand or Colombia, the frozen mountains in Ireland, the bogs of the Scottish islands or the beaches of Croatia. Since 2012 she has also been working on large-scale individual pieces, the contents of which are strongly connected with the places where they are installed.