Ce que vous savez faire…

Technique: collage on canvas
Size: 54 x 65 cm
Date: 1968
Signature: bottom, center
ID: 2211
Price: fr. 1’100.- (VAT 8.10% incl.)



Boris Vansier (1928–)

Swiss painter. Born in Russia, he spent his teenage years in Geneva, with an early aptitude for drawing and painting. In 1946 he left for the United States, first New York and then Los Angeles, where he attended various art schools. In 1948, he moved to Montreal, where he married his Parisian partner, Claude-Marie Pluovier, together with he had twins. The New Yorker gallery owner Henry Kleeman was interested in his production and offered him the chance of his first solo exhibition in 1949 at the Kleeman Gallery in New York. In 1954, once separate, he left Canada and moved to France, first to Paris and then Cannes: there, he attended the circles of Montparnasse, where he met the most important painters, critics and gallerists and became friend with members of the New Realism. His work was strongly influenced by Kandinsky, characterized by a constant search of formal organization in the painted surface, in order to allow the coexistence of a figurative subject in an abstract environment. He stayed in Paris until 1970, when he returned to Switzerland: his fruitful career continued with several exhibitions in Switzerland, France, Belgium, Israel and Sweden