Erbario After Memling 2

Technique: photograph in wood frame. Unique edition.
Size: 32,5 x 41,5
Date: 2017
Signature: no
ID: C14


Cariello Letizia

Cariello Letizia was born in Copparo, into a family of Neapolitan origin that has devoted to sculpture for over two hundred years. Before focusing on committing in art, she has worked for cinema in Italy and in the United States. Her artworks can be found in public and private collections in Italy and abroad. The work of Letizia Cariello explores through different media, the themes of the body, of the time and its relationship with objects. They were investigated in relations between interior and exterior space, affections and the spiritual quest with particular attention to the angels. These arguments characterize the performances, the installations and her photographic production. Particular attention is devoted to the theme of time, which is explored through the writing of the “calendars”: a long sequence of numbers and letters that represent an exercise of Western meditation intended to materialize the time in a perceivable form. The use of the red wire both in embroidery and in installations embodies the attitude of listening and support the artist towards the reality that surrounded her. She lives and works in Milan, where she teaches Artistic Anatomy at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera.


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