Heaven on earth

Technique: mixed media on canvas
Size: 182 x 192 cm
Date: 2011
Signature: on the back
ID: 2792
Price: on request



Sickboy (UK)

A “neo-psychedelic-cosmic-abstract-expressionist” artist, as he defines himself, he was born in Bristol, Bansky’s hometown. It is no coincidence that some of Sickboy’s work is featured in the award-winning documentary, signed by the Street Art sacred monster, “Exit Through the Gift Shop”. The course of studies of Fine Arts is manifested in the influence that have on his art: big names such as Picasso, Hundertwasser and Gaudi. Active since 1995, on the street but also on canvas, he is among the first writers in the United Kingdom to use a logo instead of a tag: a red and yellow road sign known as “The Temple”. Compared to other artists, he refuses the use of stencils and other techniques, preferring the freehanded approach. Today he divides between his studios in London and Barcelona, exposing his works, which include videos, installations and light sculptures, in galleries and fairs all over the world.