Le baiser

Technique: colour lithograph on laid paper
Dimensions: 80 cm x 57 cm
Date: 1976
Signature: Bottom left, signed in the panel
ID: L128
Price: fr. 200.- (VAT 7.7% incl.)



Born in Bologna, he approached the world of culture from an early age thanks to his paternal grandfather. His original painting style is characterised by the use of saturated colours delimited by sharp black outlines and enriched by echoes of expressionist and abstract matrixes.


Valerio Adami can be considered a true scholar painter; a storyteller whose story is manifested through drawing. Everything is aimed at communicating another state: waiting. The action is never completely accomplished. The two characters are about to approach each other to unite in a kiss, but it is as if that very feeling of waiting typical of the artist’s canvases hovers in the air. Adami’s works are the result of a look at the international Pop Art movement; however, the way he approaches it is certainly more aristocratic. As a child of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Adami had certainly retained his Renaissance studio practices, as well as a special attention to the body of sources of inspiration that can move his hand for the works he creates.