Monolitho n.11

Technique: gouache on paper
Size: 32,5 x 35 cm
Date: 1985
Signature: on the back
ID: 2173



Dorazio Piero (1927-2005)

Italian painter, born in Rome in 1927, Dorazio was a promoter of abstract movement in Italy. After initial studies in architecture, during the postwar he directed his attention to abstract art by participating intensely to groups like Arte Sociale, along with other prominent members including Perilli, Manisco, Guerrini.
Alongside his pictorial experience, Piero Dorazio started an activity of theoretical development in favor of abstract art: in 1947, he was among the signatories of the Manifesto del formalismo – Forma1, while in 1952 he participated in the birth of the Fondazione Origine, publishing the magazine “Arti Visive” in collaboration with Ettore Colla.
In 1953, he was invited to Harvard University for some conferences and then moved, for a while, in the United States, where he attended artists the likes of Pollock, De Kooning, Rotkho, Newman, Richter. In this phase, Dorazio focused on the studies of Kandinsky’s writings, which will influence much of his next production.
His artistic work was always directed on the sign-light-color combination, and on the organization of the surface along chromatic lines evolved in horizontal, vertical and oblique.
In the following years, Dorazio made frequent art travels in several European cities, Paris, London, Berlin, increasing so his popularity across the continent. In 1960, he founded the Department of Fine Arts of the University of Pennsylvania, which he will then direct until 1967.
Meanwhile, Piero Dorazio started to receive the first major awards to his work, and different solo exhibitions took place in Venice, London, Paris, New York, Switzerland and Germany.
In 1966, he established a fruitful artistic collaboration with Italian poet Giuseppe Ungaretti, who wrote an essay on his painting during an exhibition at the Galerie Im Erker, in St. Gallen, and he returned it with a series of graphics and illustrations for the collection of the poet entitled “La Luce”.
Since 1974, he moved to Todi, after leaving the teaching activity to devote himself exclusively to painting, which will continue until 2005, the year of his death. Today his works are exhibited in major private and public collections in London, Turin, San Francisco.


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