One. Two. Andy. 1

Serena Maisto (1982 – )
Raul (1980 – )
Photograph shot by Karen Bystedt

Technique: acrylic on intertwined photographic paper RA4 process
Size: 120 x 120cm
Date: 2019
Signature: on the back
ID: 3328
Price: fr. 15’000.- (VAT 7,7% incl.)




Serena Maisto’s artistic career begins with her confrontation to the myth of Abstract Expressionism, Jackson Pollock: according to his technique, her works are characterized by flows of colors that almost inundate the canvas, showing her emotions and sensations. Over time she developed other techniques by using innovative materials such as Plexiglas, which permits the creation of site specific artworks to be seen through its transparency. Starting in 2017, she became interested in photography and its possible re-interpretations. That same year she launched the project entitled “Time Line: my walk with Basquiat”: in which the artist, struck by the shots of Swiss photographer Edo Bertoglio, decided to intervene pictorially, in response to the urgent need to get as close as possible to the American artist. The project launched a new phase of her artistic career, based on the reflection of disintegration of the image.

RAUL (1980 – )

Born in Pescara, Raul is a citizen of the world, travelling incessantly in search of new inspirations. He depicts with a primitive instinct in order to display his emotions. For this reason, every surface can be used as a base for his creations: walls, paper, newspaper pages, objects. His expressive style can be characterized by his instinctive gestures, fed by everything the surrounds him: from music, to the places he visits, to the people he meets. His mysterious symbols represent his thoughts, they lay across the surface, capturing the viewer’s attention with great intensity. Today, Raul works between Europe and the USA. He has been involved in numerous exhibitions, the first of which was held at Galleria 212 in Miami in 2011.


Born in Israel, Karen Bystedt grew up between London and California, was educated between Paris and New York, and now she lives in downtown Los Angeles. Original and irreverent, she started her career by combining the objectivity of the photographic medium with her endless creativity, constantly balancing in the middle of communication and provocation. Her photos have appeared in dozens of publications, including Vanity Fair, Vogue, and People, and have been exhibited in countless museums all over the world. Over the years, many celebrities have posed for Bystedt’s camera, from actors to rock stars, to artists: Andy Warhol, photographed for the first time in 1982 in the iconic Factory, was one of her favorite subjects. Images of Warhol, lost and randomly rediscovered, appeared in the exhibition “The Lost Warhols”.