Portrait of woman

Technique: mixed media on canvas
Size: 76 x 50 cm
Date: 2017
Signature: bottom, left
ID: 2795
Price: fr. 2’900.- (VAT 8.10% incl.)



Aristide Loria (Ancona, 1981-)


ALO, Aristide Loria, is an Italian artist based in London. Self-taught, after his debut in Perugia, he moved to the United Kingdom where he began his artistic career. Unlike many of his colleagues, his art was not born in the street and then moved to the canvas. On the contrary, ALO started as a painter, and only later decided to reproduce the style and techniques used in the studio on the walls. His urban works keep intact the pictorial trait typical of his expression – made with brushes and markers – according to a style that the artist himself defines as “Urban Expressionism”, in which strong influences of the twentieth century expressionist and cubist movements are recognized. Also on the wall, the works of ALO, mostly portraits of female figures, maintain their dimension of painting, and often they are inserted in painted frames that delimit their dimensions. His artistic goal is precisely the desire to bring the pictorial style on public surfaces, creating something that is for everyone, something that is not salable.