Our artists in the pandemic year.


Artrust kicks off this October 6 with the exhibition “20+20 = Quarantena. Our artists in the pandemic year”.

On show, forty works by four artists who are part of the Artrust squad: Andrea Ravo Mattoni, Aymone Poletti and Raul, who have exhibited in the Melano gallery in group and solo shows and participated in numerous national and international fairs, together with the arrival of Sirinat Kasikam, who in addition to being an emerging young artist has also been an integral part of the Artrust team for over four years.

The exhibition is the first Artrust exhibition open to the public after the halt caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the works on display were mostly created by the four artists during the months of forced quarantine and lockdown.

From the great classics spray-painted by Ravo, to the elegant engravings by Aymone Poletti, from Raul’s instinctive symbols to Sirinat Kasikam’s meditative compositions, we can see in the works of these artists the signs of the sudden and obliged change that 2020 has forced us all to reckon with.



20+20 = Quarantena
Our artists in the pandemic year.

6 October – 18 December

From Tuesday to Saturday from 14 to 18

Closed on holidays

At Artrust, via Pedemonte di Sopra 1, 6818 Melano


«This is a new beginning for us, in many ways,” says Patrizia Cattaneo Moresi, Director of Artrust. “We are thrilled to be able to start again and it is no coincidence that we have chosen to do so with the artists we have worked with in the past. It is a restart that, as the title of the exhibition suggests, does not want to forget everything that has happened and the difficult times we have been through and that partly we are still in the middle of. In fact, it positions our artists at the heart of the artistic and curatorial discourse, exploring how they dealt with this exceptional situation by making art, the answers their art gave them so as to communicate it, understand it and why not, exorcise it».

Patrizia Cattaneo Moresi, Director of Artrust



Swiss-Thai, born in Germany in 1983. She obtained her master’s degree in International Affairs and Governance at the University of St. Gallen. Artistically self-taught, she creates meditative compositions of shapes and colours using simple materials such as paper and coloured pencils. Her work expresses her interest in themes as relationships, limitations, boundaries and change in society.


Italian-Swiss, born in Varese in 1981 in a family of artists. He began his adventure as a writer with Ravo as his stage name. From 2016 he gained international recognition with his project ” Recovering classicism in the contemporary”: the aim is to recreate great masterpieces of the past sprayed on the wall, making them accessible to everyone.


Born in Pescara and now a global citizen, Raul is constantly looking for new inspirations. He paints quickly and instinctively, expressing the primitive spirit from within and inspired by everything surrounding him: music, art, places, meetings, all translated into primordial signs and symbols


Born in Sorengo (Lugano) in 1978, she has been exhibiting professionally since 2000. She studied in Mendrisio where she graduated from the Academy of Architecture. Her works are of intimate character, always floating between dream and abstraction, in which she recalls with her signature sophistication, the memories and suggestions of her past.



Il nuovo libro di Cyrille Gouyette, storico dell’arte e Chargé de Mission del Musée du Louvre, ci racconta con ricche e dettagliate illustrazioni, come la Street Art in questi  ultimi  anni si sia appropriata delle collezioni del Louvre e dei principali musei del mondo e le abbia utilizzate per riflettere sulle problematiche del nostro presente.

Un libro imprescindibile per comprendere la rilevanza di questi nuovi approcci artistici che, grazie ai riferimenti di ieri, aprono gli occhi alle realtà di oggi.


Il 25 gennaio, alla presenza dell’autore Cyrille Gouyette e con la partecipazione straordinaria degli artisti Madame, Ravo e Zevs abbiamo presentato in anteprima per la Svizzera il volume “Sous le Street Art, le Louvre”.
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