April 1 – June 29, 2019

Via Pedemonte di Sopra 1
6818 – Melano (CH)

From Monday to Saturday, from 2 to 6 p.m.



For further information:

+41 (0) 91 649 33 36


The protagonist of the show is the pink color, in all its forms. Every visitor can make a journey within the set-up and discover the multiple implementations of this color in modern and contemporary art, in different periods and styles.

The exhibited works allow to explore the use of the pink color in the landscape, figures and nudes, from realistic to expressionist reproductions, from impressionist to purely abstract visions.

Artists from different movements and styles are put in dialogue, ranging from Castelli to Le Corbusier and Legér, from members of the CoBRA group to those of the Rot Blau, from the Nouveau Réalistes Tinguely, Spoerri and Niki De Saint Phalle, to the King of Pop Art Andy Warhol, up to Street Art with the works of Banksy.

Visiting this exhibition is like reading a short contemporary art history manual by wearing a pair of pink glasses. It is a deep immersion in this color, to explore its infinite artistic variations. A color meaningful and contradictory, which had and still plays an important role in the history of art. And perhaps not only, considering that recent scientific discoveries indicate it as the pigment of the first forms of life on earth: it seems, in fact, that the first bacteria on our planet were pink “.

Patrizia Cattaneo Moresi, Artrust SA Director


Banksy | Blade | Bernard Buffet | Alexandre Calder | Paul Camenisch | Luciano Castelli | Robert Combas | Mario Comensoli | Corneille | Niki De Saint Phalle | Christian Esctal | Fang-Xing Chen | François Gall | Claude Gilli | André Lanskoy | Charles Lapicque | Le Corbusier | Fernand Léger | Carl Walter Liner Marco Lupi Marino Marini | André Masson | Albert Müller | Gen Paul | Quik | A.R. Penck | Ravo | Raul33 Walter Ropele | Ivo Soldini Daniel Spoerri | Jean Tinguely | Italo Valenti | Ting Walasse | Andy Warhol | Waner | Peter Wiederkehr 


All rights reserved. Without authorization the reproduction and any other use of the works are forbidden, except for personal and private use.

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