Artrust is an art gallery that deviates from the classical definitions and the subdivisions of the art market.
At the center of its project, where the cultural and commercial aspects go hand in hand, there is art in all its forms.


Artrust is a collection that constantly evolve. It comprises a wide and varied selection of modern and contemporary works, alongside the masterpieces of some great names of the twentieth century – including Werefkin, Legér, Degas, Segantini, Giacometti, Tinguely, Picasso, Mirò – coexist the works of artists of the massive movement, which today goes by the name of Street Art.



Artrust is by the artists’ side in its territory for the promotion of their artistic activities in different areas and locations. It also collaborates with established foreign artists, supporting their presence in Switzerland.


  • Patrizia Cattaneo Moresi
    Patrizia Cattaneo Moresi Direttrice

    Graduated in History, Criticism and Conservation of Art. She has gained experience in the wine trade and auction houses. In 2004 she was one of the founders of Arvi, a company operating in the fine wine sector, of which she is currently a Board Member. She then collaborated with her husband in setting up Moresi.com, a company providing information technology services.
    In 2007 she founded Artrust, of which she is currently director and driving force, starting the exhibition activity in 2013.
    If she didn’t work at Artrust, she would be the director of an art gallery of the same name. For the other members of the team, she is the Dragger.


  • Francesca Masciadri
    Francesca Masciadri PA to the CEO

    Graduated in linguistic and cultural mediation, with previous experience in developing foreign contacts in a communications agency.
    She has been working at Artrust since 2013, handling all aspects of the organisation of exhibitions and fairs.
    If she didn’t work at Artrust she would be a travel organiser or a sailor with her cat.
    For the other team members she is the Supporter.


    • Jennifer Ambesi
      Jennifer Ambesi Archivist

      Graduated in Technical Business Services. She joined Artrust in 2012 and has been in charge of the art archive, registration of new arrivals and stock coordination.
      If she didn’t work at Artrust she would be a Disney park explorer.
      For the other members of the team she is the Realiser.


      • Giada Minacapilli
        Giada Minacapilli Art Consultant

        Graduted in Art History and Art Criticism, she has had previous experience in the arts, writing in-depth articles and research. at Artrust since 2021, she has mainly been in charge of sales. If she didn’t work at Artrust, she would grow endless expanses of tulips and open a small home-made embroidered t-shirt shop.
        For the other team members, she is the Specialist.


      • Nicolò Contu
        Nicolò Contu Art Handler

        Nicolò Roberto Contu, Art handler Conservator.
        Graduated in Conservation of Cultural Heritage. He has previous experience in restoration ateliers and museums in the Canton of Ticino as a conservator, restorer and museum technician.
        In Artrust since 2018 he has been in charge of collection management and exhibition set-ups.
        If he didn’t work for Artrust, he would be a DJ and producer of electronic music.
        For the other members of the team he is the Realiser.


        • Matteo Cappelletti
          Matteo Cappelletti Communications manager

          Graduated in History, he had previous experience as a copywriter in communication agencies.
          He joined Artrust in 2015, and was responsible for the press office, editing content for catalogues, as well as exhibitions and guided tours. Today, he is mainly responsible for managing the various marketing and communication activities.
          If he didn’t work at Artrust, he would be running a B&B with cuisine in Normandy.
          For the other members of the team he is the Evaluator.


          • Samuele Bosoni
            Samuele Bosoni Graphic Designer

            With an IT diploma and a specialisation in the world of graphic design, Samuele enjoyed previous experience in the world of traditional graphics, advertising and product design that took him all the way to the Far East. At Artrust since 2019, he focused on graphic design but also video, web design and photography. If he didn’t work at Artrust he would be a Luxury Home Tester. For other team members he is the Perfectionist.


          • Giulia Piazzi
            Giulia Piazzi Art Director

            Graduated in Communication Design, Giulia had prior experience in companies in the world of marketing and fashion, as a graphic designer. Joining Artrust in 2019, she has been responsible for creating and designing visual content to promote the gallery, exhibitions, and artists.
            If she didn’t work at Artrust, she would be a karaoke singer.
            For the other members of the team she is the Creative.


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