Composizioni. Line, colour, shape.


Now online “Composizioni. Line, colour, shape”, the new Artrust 2021 exhibition, the first of its kind in the history of the Melano-based art gallery, exclusively created for virtual use.

The focus of the exhibition is the concept of composition, one of the great recurring themes and motifs of art history, interpreted here in its fullest meaning: figurative, abstract, chromatic, but also spatial, structural and emotional composition. The exhibition will feature works by some of the great artists in the Artrust collection.

The exhibition offers the public a multiple view of the compositions that were protagonists of the 20th century and now belong to our present day, in an interplay of sensory and aesthetic overlaps and similarities. In fact, in the virtual exhibition, the geometric, visual and mathematical compositions of Italo Valenti and Victor Vasarely alternate with the surrealist, oneiric and psychological compositions of Serge Brignoni, passing through the spontaneous, emotional and liberated compositions of the CoBrA Group and ending with the structural compositions of Street and Urban Art.


Italo Valenti | Valerio Adami | Victor Vasarely | Karel Appel | Asgern Jorn | Bengt Lindstrom | Serge Brignoni | Carl Walter Liner | Bela Kadar | Sickboy | El Moot Moot | Bela de Kristo


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