Parigi, la famiglia, la natura. Con gli occhi di un padre.
Paris, la famille, la nature. À travers les yeux d'un père.

APRIL 18 – MAY 24, 2015

«François Gall is able to catch an instant emotion and give it to the spectator. In his typical French style, he depicts both the human misery and the joys of everyday life. In our setting, we decided to make this second aspect emerge, by highlighting his great skill in bringing onto the canvas intimacy and tenderness of family relationships, through the grace of his wife Eugénie and his children. Moments of serenity that unfold in Paris, with its cafes, its streets, and its most beautiful corners as background, as well as in the quiet of nature, parks, picnic by the river, and beach holidays. Unique traits imbued with poetic of François Gall’s work ».
Patrizia Cattaneo Moresi, CEO


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FRANÇOIS GALL (1912–1987)
Hungarian artist, French naturalized in 1949, he studied at Nagybània and later at the Accademia Reale di Belle Arti in Rome. Thanks to some study grants, he traveled around Europe, moving to Paris in 1936. In the French capital, he attended the Academy and met some of the most important personalities of the Parisian artistic life: André Derain, Pablo Picasso, Edith Piaf, Charles Durand Ruel, Raymond Savignac, Gen Paul, Ossipe Zadkine, Moïse Kisling.
His first works represents social subjects, depicted “sur le motif”: at this stage, his paintings derive from a dark palette and testify the misery of his Hungarians compatriots or the hidden alleys of Paris. His work “Bread for the people”, which represents family queue’s out of bakerys during the bread crisis, won the Gold Medal at the French Artists Salon in 1947, two years before his naturalization.
Paris and its freedom, together with family joys and his three children, are all elements that lighten his palette; in his works, he represents the animated Parisian life, with its urban views and its people, as well as the quiet scenes of picnics and on the beach. Colored and happy canvas where the protagonists are his wife Eugénie and his children Marie-Lize, Elizabeth-Anne and Jean-François.
His typical French post-impressionist style, made him earn many awards in France, Europe and United States.
He died in 1987 after a cardiac crisis. Today his works are exhibited in some of the most important museums in Paris, in his native Hungary and in many other museums in the rest of the world.









In conjunction with the exhibition dedicated to François Gall Artrust organizes children workshops for privates and schools: a ludic and educational tour with activities that stimulate creativity and learning.



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