Chromo therapeutic visit

A sensory tour between Liner’s colors

In collaboration with the Centro di Cromoterapia of Massagno, Artrust had organized a sensorial tour to discover Carl Walter Liner works. Through the guidance of the expert color therapist Angela Roncoroni, visitors can enjoy an innovative approach to art: beyond a rational fruition of the works, the visit is set up as a meditative experience that from colors and their meanings, involves almost all the senses; visual, auditory and olfactory one.

Chromo therapy: what it is and how it works

Color therapy is based on the principle that each color corresponds to a specific wavelength able to affect at a cellular level. Each color has a certain characteristic, calming or stimulating that allows to act on the physical or psychic side. Chromo puncture is performed by irradiating acupuncture points with colored light, totally painless, non-invasive and suitable for patients of all ages. The colored light acts changing deeply the energetic imbalances that cause the disorder or disease.

Centro di Cromoterapia of Massagno


Founded in 2005 by Angela Roncoroni, the Centro di Cromoterapia of Massagno is managed by Katia Guélat and herself, with the collaboration of complementary medicine therapists graduated in chromo puncture, esogetic medicine, specialized in color and energy therapies. The Centro di Cromoterapia is aimed at those who suffer acute and chronic pain or psychological disorders, which can be solved through color therapy, and to all those who wish to pursue a path of personal growth. For further info: www.cromoterapia.ch

Angela Roncoroni, chromo therapist


Therapist in complementary medicine, graduated in chromo puncture, energy endpoint diagnosis (Kirlian photography) and esogetic medicine. She practices and teaches chromo puncture according to Peter Mandel and, in 2005, she opened the Center for chromo therapy in Massagno. In addition to chromo puncture and chromo therapy, she introduced the lamp color for chromo-massages and, together with the therapist Katia Guélat, the Lüscher diagnosis (psychological test that analyzes the state of mind of a person based on his preference of colors). Her expertise in colors, up to a certain level, thanks to her first formation as interior designer.

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