No introduction needed.

There are those in the art world who do not need words, an explanation, or a long description. Just the name is enough.

Banksy is one of them. A celebrity beyond art.

Even those who have never heard of Street Art or urban art are likely to know his name. He is the most famous and controversial street artist in the world. Each piece of his new work becomes front page news.
Everywhere you go you can find an exhibition dedicated to him.

He is the talk of the town. We all know him. And yet, we know nothing about Banksy.
We do not know his face, his name, his date of birth.

Banksy is the paradox of anonymity that creates interest and fame, in a world where obsessive self-exposure seems to be the only tool for affirmation.

Banksy is not an artist. Banksy is simply his work. We can entertain ourselves as much as we like at the debate about his identity, but we will always be forced to talk about him only through his art.

Banksy represents irony, provocation, the ability to synthesise the contradictions of our society in the rapidity of an “illegal” style stencil. But he is also part of those same contradictions, which, whether he likes it or not, he helps to nurture.

No matter how one may judge Banksy, it is impossible to deny that, for all these reasons, his appearance on the art scene represents a watershed in art history.

It is one of those artists who can be referred to with a “before” and an “after”.

7 September – 17 December 2021

From Tuesday to Saturday
From 10 to 18

Closed on holidays

At Artrust, via Pedemonte di Sopra 1, 6818 Melano


The exhibition “All you need is Banksy” is an event on the sidelines of La Triennale di Maroggia 2021 “Between Strada e Street Art”, organized by the Municipality of Maroggia and curated by Artrust, which takes place from 28 August to 5 November in Maroggia.

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All the artworks of the exhibition “All you need is Banksy” are in the catalog of the Triennale di Maroggia 2021.
The catalog is on sale at Artrust for 25.- CHF

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