51 steps. An upward exhibition

At Artrust SA, Via Pedemonte di Sopra 1, 6818 Melano CH.

Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 6 pm

other days and times by appointment, closing on public holidays

Free entrance


This capsule exhibition presents a selection of works, prints, studies and unique pieces representing different moments of the French artist’s career. While climbing our 51 stairs take some time to admire the plasticity and spatiality Léger his compositions, animated by geometries, objects and human and natural shapes.

«What does it represent? There has never been in plastic art, poetry or music, a desire to represent something. It’s just about creating something beautiful, moving or dramatic: it’s not the same thing at all».

F. Léger


French painter from Normandy. He studied architecture in Caen and settled in Paris. In the French capital he approached art and attended Parisian art academies, meeting the protagonists of contemporary painting and the avant-garde of the early twentieth century. These contacts led him to embrace the Impressionist and Fauvist principles and finally to his harbinger, Cubism: his points of reference are Cézanne, Picasso and Braque. In 1911 he exhibited at the Salon des Indépendants the painting “Nudes in the Forest”,  now one of the key works in Cubism.in this phase his works were characterised by dynamic rhythms of lines, volumes and colours. After the First World War he became interested in the industrial world, creating works where human presence made room for elevated machines as a symbol of the new technological civilization. While his pictorial research was gradually moving in the direction of the dissolution of forms, Léger recovered the human figure in a more geometric and symbolic form: monumental characters were born, transformed into emblems.
During his career he did not limit himself to painting on canvas: his projects ranged from book illustrations to wall paintings, from stained-glass windows to mosaics, from ceramic sculptures to designs for stage sets and theatrical costumes.  In the last phase of his life he won the prestigious Grand Prix of the Biennale di San Paolo.


Tutti i diritti riservati. Senza autorizzazione è vietata la riproduzione ed ogni altro utilizzo delle opere al di là dell’uso personale e privato.

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