Artist’s ceramics



Technique: print on porcelain
Size: 36 x 36 x 6 cm
Date: 2019
Signature: no
Price: fr. 90.- (VAT 8,10% incl.) – with frame fr. 160.-



Warhol Andy  (1928-1987)

An all-round artist who easily dealt with painting, sculpture, cinematography, photography and screenplay, asserting himself as one of the greatest exponents of Pop Art, marking the cultural imaginary of the second half of XX Century with the provocation of his “to be consumed” art.
Warhol was a protagonist of the artistic life in New York during the Sixties; he worked for magazines such as Vogue and affirmed himself thanks to the famous screen prints that transform celebrities and everyday objects into emblematic icons of that time.
His artworks are exposed all over the world in the major art museums.