Le ballet des sirènes

Technique: gouache on paper
Size: 27.50 x 42.50 cm
Date: not available
Signature: bottom, left
ID: 3674
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Chapelain-Midy Roger (1904 – 1992)

Roger Chapelain-Midy, born on 24 August 1904 in Paris, was a painter, illustrator, lithographer and scenographer, trained at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris and the Academy of Montparnasse.
In 1930, Armand Drouant organised his first exhibition in which, through his artistic style, he defended the classical tradition of measure in an era disrupted by great changes in modern painting.
A theatre decorator and costume designer, from 1942 he worked on Rameau’s Le Indie galanti in 1952 and Mozart’s The Magic Flute at the Paris Opera in 1954. The success of his work also allowed him to work at the Cologne Opera.
In a late line of symbolism and surrealism, some of his work is influenced by his preoccupations, materialised by the obsessive recurrence of decorations and unusual objects such as chequered tiles, masks, mannequins and mirrors.
Roger Chapelain-Midy died on 30 March 1992 in Paris.