There will be no revolution tonight

Technique: oil on canvas
Size: 200 x 260 cm
Date: 2009
Signature: bottom, left
ID: 2064



El Bocho 

Spanish street artist, he is known to the public just by his Mexican pan name ( literally “little donkey”). He settled first in Frankfurt, where he worked as illustrator and typographer, to devote himself later to graffiti. His first work as writer dates back to 1997. After moving to Berlin, where he still lives, and influenced by the fervent artistic climate of the city, he jumped from graffiti to Street Art. Today, he is famous for the giant “cut-outs” of Berlin: the relationship and communication with the city and urban life play a key role in his peculiar artistic career. Among the recurring themes of his works there is Little Lucy, a character inspired by an old Czechoslovakian TV series, enriched by a sadistic note and black humor: an irreverent little girl who comes up with endless ideas to kill her cat. Another popular serie is the “Citiziens” woman large figures mentioning romantic phrases full of love for their city. His works are always drawn and then cut and pasted, and therefore each work is unique and original. For their realization he mostly uses canvas, but over the years he also experienced the use of tiles. He has recently developed a new technique conceived as a bridge between nature and art: he pastes the canvas on the wall, letting atmospheric agents affect its surface; then he affixes the color and let sun, wind and rain collaborate in producing the final work.

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