Think Simplicity Rules…

Technique: felt pen on paper
Size: 21,5 x 28 cm
Date: 2016
Signature: bottom, right
Price: fr. 500.- (VAT  7.7%  incl.)


Poem One (USA)

American Poem One begins his artistic career on the street and identifies himself as a graffiti street artist. In 1979, after covering with his tag the walls of the suburban areas he’s from, he feels the irresistible call towards the legendary New York Subway and so he decides to face the great city and to expand his prospects. The walls, the train wagons and the tall buildings are for Poem One a means of expression but also a place for social gathering: writers of all nationalities and backgrounds come together and condense their experiences in pursuit of a rich multicultural production. Poem One later becomes a graphic designer and the producer of a variety of magazines on the theme of Graffiti, including the famous “Flashback Magazine”. His name becomes popular and is mentioned in articles and publications on “The New York Post”, “The Washington Post”, “The Source” and the most important one for a street artist: the book “Subway Art” by Martha Copper and Henri Chalfant, which is considered the most influential publication on the world of Graffiti. His most recent works show technical experimentation, three-dimensional collage, stencils and freehand touches on the maps of the New York Subway.