Technique: acrylic and ink on paper
Size: 17.5 x 22 cm
Date: not available
Signature: bottom, right (stamp)
ID: 2470
Price: fr. 5’000.- (VAT 8.10% incl.)


Walasse Ting (1929 – 2010) 

Chinese artist, he studied at the Shanghai Academy of Art and moved to Hong Kong in 1946. He left the East with only five dollars and moved to Paris, initially in precarious conditions. He remained there until 1956. In the French capital, he was struck by the colorful Western art and created his works inspired by the expressionist technique and the art of Picasso. The color is the true protagonist of his works: flowers, woman’s nudes and small animals like cats and parrots are his main subjects, which are represented through large brushstrokes and strong color contrasts. In 1958, he settled in New York, where he remained for about twenty years. Inspired by the languages of Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art, Walasse have lived a prosperous creative period. His paintings emanate charm and humor, the technique he prefers is painting in acrylic and black paint, his works overflow with passion for life and convey an intense eroticism. He made a collection of poems entitled One Cent Life, in which he included prints of 68 celebrities from the world of contemporary art, including Andy Warhol, Asger Jorn and Pierre Alechinsky. In 1990, he opened a large art studio in Amsterdam and gained a reputation as a true artistic master, evolving the painting linked to his ethnicity, without ever detaching himself from the oriental roots. His paintings are kept in the Guggenheim Museum and Museum of Modern Art in New York, Tate Modern in London, Center Pompidou in Paris, Hong Kong Museum of Art, and many others.