Visagè, portrait à la tresse de feuillage

Technique: crayons on paper
Size: 31 x 24 cm
Date: not available
Signature: top, right
ID: 2336
Price: on request



Marie Laurencin (1883 – 1956)

Born in Paris, she was a painter and illustrator, mainly known for her paintings of elegant and melancholic women. Between 1903 and 1904 she studied art at the Humbert Academy in Paris. After the meeting with Pablo Picasso she got involved into the avant-garde milieu, but she did not align to the Cubist production: her artworks are characterized by the presence of pale and pretty feminine subjects dressed with pastel colors. In 1907 she exposed for the first time at Salon des Indépendants, and in the following years she also worked as a set designer and book illustrator. She lived a love story with Apollinaire – she depicted lots of portraits of the French writer – and she married the baron Otto von Wätjen.