A book illustrated by Mario Comensoli

In 1988, Mario Comensoli illustrated a book of poems written by his dear friend Maria Hauck-Christen and called “Gespräche Katzen mit über … auch Menschen” (Conversations with cats … even on people). The book alternates poems of the writer and reproductions of works of the painter with cats and human subjects.

Mario Barino, president of the Mario and Hélène Comensoli Foundation, leaves us a testimonial about this special friendship,: “Comensoli met Maria because she had her office near his doctor, Dr. Von Steiger, in Langstrassenquartier, 62. Maria Hauck was a psychologist , an extraordinary woman whose vitality – despite severe disabilities – had impressed the painter. She was the second child of a large family of Zurich (seven children) and when she was 2 years old, she was hit by an infantile paralysis that forced her to move with crutches. She graduated in psychology in Zurich in 1968 and cared for a transmission of radio DRS about the problems of young people suffering from debilitating diseases like her. […] Her courage impressed Comensoli that through his paintings expresses the indomitable vitality of the woman. In her book “Conversations with cats (on people)” Maria, however, revealed a desire to end so much suffering, alternating moments of despondency to sudden reconciliation with life“.

A special thank to Mr. Von Steiger and Mario Barino for their precious collaboration.

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