Carl Walter Liner, a successful exhibition

November, 16 was the last day of Artrust’s exhibition “Carl Walter Liner. Sotto la superficie: colori ed emozioni”, with a traditional finissage. For over a month, our exhibition spaces in Melano have become a crossroad of art lovers and the curious who had the possibility to appreciate more than 80 exhibited works, within an innovative and engaging exhibition. More than 500 people, in fact, visited the exhibition and took part at the several events organized. The results of the exhibition, the third autonomously organized by us, are the evidence that this formula gains consents, even beyond our expectations. The appreciation from the many visitors received, confirms that the interest in art is not only an affair of a selected group of elite. For this reason, we intend to go on sharing our heritage in order to reach art – its meaning and emotions – out closer to the broad public as much as possible.

In this context, Artrust conceived many special events to get children and adults closer to the masterpieces of Swiss artist. Among them, chromo-therapeutic events organized in collaboration with Centro di Cromoterapia of Massagno had a great success. To sum up, Artrust’s workshops had a huge success: more than 250 children, aged between 3 and 10 years, took part in educational and art activities.

Once archived Carl Walter Liner’s exhibition, we will soon be working on our new exhibition in the spring of next year: protagonist, the works of the Parisian painter, portraitist and sculptor “François Gall”.

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