Technique: Colour Lithograph
Edition: H.C.
Dimensions: 59 x 90 cm
Signature: lower right corner
Price: fr. 200.- (IVA 7,7% incl.)



Jean Capdeville (1917–2011)

Jean Capdeville was 30 years old when he started painting what he saw without a particular aim or objective. His work evolved towards abstract painting but retained its references to reality. The artist dedicated himself to the declination of geometric motifs, forms, and strokes of primary colours.


This lithograph has the letters “HC”, which means “Hors de Commerce” in French, indicating that the pieces were originally given as a gift by the artist, before entering the market at a later point in time. This feature makes the work even more original because it comes directly from the artist’s atelier and is dedicated to someone dear to him.


The artist’s expert declination of geometric motifs, forms and strokes of primary colours is beautifully summed up in this lithograph, inhabited by a set of coloured circles. The blue, which marries with a sandy colour, brings to mind a marine setting, where the blue refers to the water and the sandy beige refers to the shoreline.