Infinite neon bunny (red)

Technique: neon lights in mirrored box
Size: 77 x 77 cm
Date: 2017
Signature: on the back
ID: 2791
Price: fr. 5’000.- (VAT 8,10% incl.)
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Charles Uzzel Edwards (UK, 1968-)

Pure Evil

Pure Evil, Charles Uzzel Edwards’s nickname, is born in Wales to an artist father, but he spends his youth in California. There he joins the world of skateboard, the passion from which he absorbs styles and expressive forms. In San Francisco he works as a designer for the clothing brand Anarchic Adjustment and he is also involved in some music projects. His street culture is imbued with the spirit of the 1990s West Coast, but it is his return to London at the beginning of the new millennium to mark his fascination for proper Street Art. The London walls get covered with bunnies with tusks, a true icon of his artistic production (they are inspired by a hare he had killed as a boy, which is a recurrent nightmare). They spread as fast as Pure Evil’s name in the world of Street Art. In London he comes into contact with Banksy’s circle and collaborates on the project Santa’s Ghetto, (the annual Graffiti Art “fair” launched by this popular artist). In 2006 he installs his first exhibition in London: the success is so great that the following year he decides to open his personal gallery – the “Pure Evil Gallery” – in Shoreditch, East End.