Nudo femminile seduto

Technique: gouache, watercolor and charcoal on paper
Size: 58 x 76 cm
Date: 2000
Signature: on the left side
ID: 657



Luciano Castelli (1951-)

Painter, photographer, graphic designer, sculptor and musician, Castelli was born in Lucerne in 1951. He attended the School of Applied Arts of the city, where he studied with Max Von Moos. In the early 70s, ho stood out becoming one of the key figures of the bohemian environment of Lucerne. In the following years, he moved to the US and then to Rome, and in 1978 he definitely left Lucerne moving to Berlin, where he joined the group of young painters later named “Jungen Wilden” (The Young Savages). In Berlin, he became friend with Salomé and Rainer Fetting, realizing common works. Together with Salomé, he also founded the punk-rock band “Geile Tiere”. At the end of the Eighties, Castelli moved to Paris where in 1991 married Alexandra and had two children. Here he intensified his production: he started experimenting a domestic darkroom where he developed his Revolving Paintings, works that can be observed from any perspective, showing each time different figures, faces, bodies. In 2009, he came back to Zurich, where he still lives.