OZMO 1998-2018

Exhibition: OZMO – Street Art Ways
Published by: Crowdbooks
Edited by: Francesca Holsenn
Date : 2018


“Ozmo, 1998 – 2018”, published by Crowdbooks and edited by Francesca Holsenn will be presented. This book is halfway between an elegant and well equipped journey through images and a technical tool to fix and to understand the depth the work of the artist and to get oneself, as well as conceptually, immersed in his art. The volume recounts in over 240 pages, twenty years of Ozmo’s artistic career, with five critical texts that cover five fundamental themes of his work: illegality, symbol, system, image and relationship between pop and élite.

Price: 45.- CHF (VAT 2.5% incl.). Shipment excluded