Parents with child

Technique: Lithography
Dimensions: 70,00 x 65,00 cm
Signature: In basso a destra
Date: 1954
ID: 485
Price: fr. 700.- (IVA 8,10% incl.)



Hans Erni (1909-2015)

Swiss artist from Lucerne, in his hometown Hans Erni approached to the art world (more specifically to graphics) thanks to an apprenticeship as draftman. At the age of 19, he moved to Paris where he won the annual competition of the Académie Julian and where he also got close to Braque and Picasso. During the 30’s he made several trips all around Europe, adhering to abstract poetics and developing a humanistic prospective about the themes of body, technique, sport and mythology. Convinced pacifist, he obtained tasks from different organizations, including ONU and CIO, and he has been rewarded with various honours.
Nowadays, Erni is known worldwide thanks to his prolific activity as painter, sculptor and engraver: during his decades of work he has realized countless lithographies, some series of stamps and about 300 billboards and murales; he also illustrated dozens of essays, encyclopedias and books. In 1979, his native town dedicated him a permanent exhibition.