Prima del giorno dopo

Technique: mixed media on canvas
Size: 20 x 20 cm
Date: 2014
Signature: bottom, center



Lupi Marco (1958 – )

Lupi Marco was born in Balerna on 6th May 1958. He first attended the School Centre for the Arts Industry in Lugano (CSIA, Centro Scolastico Industrie Artistiche) and later he completed his formation by pursuing his own stylistic and expressive research in total autonomy. His curious nature urged him to visit museums, liaise with artists and immerse himself in the surrounding creative environment. He took inspiration from it, but he always refused fixed references or patterns. The only acknowledged teacher is Carlo Gulminelli, who guided him in his growth as an artist. Lupi then found employment as part-time hospital nursing assistant. The decision to work for over 20 years within a part-time salaried position is based on his need to spend the rest of his time painting, with absolute freedom of expression. His first exhibition dates back to 1985. In the following years he regularly exhibited in Ticino and the rest of Switzerland, and in Italy too, participating in several collective exhibitions. Since 1987 Lupi has been living in Mendrisio, where he established his studio inside an old railway toll. In 2009 he moved his atelier in a room within the Chiasso railway station. Since 2005 he’s been a proactive member of Visarte Ticino.


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