Sette Lettere

Technique: digital print and spray
Size: 42 x 29.70 cm
Date: 2021
Signature: on the back
ID: 3956
Price: fr. 280.- (VAT 8,10% incl.) – unframed

There are 5 pieces available



Renato Benzoni was born in Cadenazzo (Canton Ticino, Switzerland) in 1986. He made his debut in the world of graffiti in 1998, concentrating in particular on the study of graffiti. In 2000 he and Styun founded the IOS CREW, which is still active today. Later, with his childhood friend Tigro, he joined the Swiss-German group USB CREW with which he participated in JAMs in German-speaking Switzerland and Germany, as well as in Italy. In 2014, he joined a third group made up of writers from Italy and Ticino: the C.YOU CREW. Today he is active with numerous collaborations and participates actively in writing events all over Europe.