Technique: acrylic on canvas
Size: 60 x 60 cm
Date: 1979
Signature: top, left
ID: 2043
Price: on request



Guillaume Corneille (1922-2010)

Painter, sculptor and printmaker, he was born in Liege, Belgium, from Dutch parents. Guillame Corneille (Guillame Cornelis van Beverloo) was one of the founders of the experimental movement Reflex in Amsterdam and the COBRA movement in Paris, together with Karel Appel. He attended the Fine Art School of Amsterdam, but he soon abandoned the rigid academic rules to experience painting in full freedom. His first solo exhibition took place in Copenhagen in 1950, and exhibited for the first time in Paris in 1951, at the Salon de Mai. In 1956 he received the Guggenheim Award. After moving definitely to Paris, his artistic path addressed towards an abstract landscape painting, as a result of an introspective view, where chromatic excesses of the COBRA group find expression in defined and more precise shapes. Only in the early 60s, he returned to figuration, shifting his artistic orientation towards an expressionist style, influenced by his trips around the world, from Africa, America, to the Antilles. His intense production includes paintings, prints, sculptures, ceramic objects: all colorful, with childish forms, populated by an imaginary universe made of flowers, birds and women. He died in September 2010, 88 years old.