Limmatlandschaft, Schneeschmelze: Max Gubler’s landscapes concept

A Swiss painter, he was born in 1898 in Zurich where he met important art merchants (Coray, Cassirer) and different Dadaists. In the twenties, he established himself as expressionist and traveled to Berlin, Florence and Lipari. In Italy, he painted landscapes influenced by Picasso and Cézanne. He refined his artistic studies in Paris, where he met Leroy and Maillol.

His poetics reveal a strong connection with his native landscapes: the unspoilt valley of the river Limmat inspired Gubler from his childhood on, providing him with a rich imagination, represented with fantastic tones and melancholic nuances, due to the urbanization process of the second post-war. In addition to mural paintings, portraits, still lives and figures, the work of Gubler includes landscapes characterized by chromaticity and a strong dissolution of forms, with a clear contrast between nature and civilization.

In his career, Gubler took part in important national and international events (such as the Biennale di Venezia in 1952) and was celebrated with major awards.

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