One Hundred Years of Carl Walter Liner

The Kunsthalle Ziegelhuette Appenzell celebrates the centenary of Carl Liner with a comprehensive retrospective that narrates the great Swiss painter suspended between the world of mimetic and abstract representation.

The art exhibition

Through 60 emblematic paintings, the Foundation Liner Appenzell presents to the public The artistic journey of Liner. The retrospective “Traveling between two worlds – 100 Years of Carl Walter Liner (1914-2014)” reconstructs chronologically the main steps of the artist’s poetic, attributable to three major lines of style: the landscape painting, the geometric and the gestural abstraction. Until August, 17 – the date on which the 100th anniversary of Carl Walter Liner will be celebrated – the Kunsthalle Ziegelhuette will remain open to the public with an exhibition that values the importance that the Swiss artist has nationwide. The exhibition is developed over the three floors of the building, each one occupied by one of the styles of Liner. These styles are presented through paintings dating back to the forties and eighties of the twentieth century. A journey between the world of naturalistic representation and the world of abstraction, characterized by the rejection of objective reality in favor of the autonomous dimension of color, capable of expressing emotions in an immediate way.

The life (1914 – 1997)

He grew up in an artistic family in the Appenzell Canton and studied in Paris with Othon Friesz , at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière. He travelled a lot through the Mediterranean, Egypt, France, Italy and Spain.
He devoted himself to painting, inspired by Nature and mainly depicting landscapes and female figures. The friendships with Vlaminck, Braque, and especially Zadkine, Erich Heckel Schneider influenced his work: large abstract canvas, figurative and movement flowing around an intense equilibrium. The works of Carl Walter Liner are mainly exposed in Switzerland, Germany, France and the United States.
In 1984, he received the Innerrhoder Kulturpreis, the highest cultural recognition of his native canton.

Kunsthalle Ziegelhuette

Ziegeleistrasse 14, 9050 Appenzell
9th march– 17th August 2014
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