Reiter auf violetten Grund

Technique: litograph in colors 1/65
Size: 74 x 52 cm
Date: 1955
Signature: bottom, right
ID: 288


Marini Marino (1901-1980)

He studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, revealing talented in painting and sculpture in particular: his mastery in the plastic arts makes it possible to obtain, starting from 1929, a lecturer position at the art school of the Villa Reale in Monza. Meanwhile, in the nearby of Milan, he holds solo exhibitions that allow him to become known to the general public and to the people in the sector, critics and artists in the first place. His consecration at national and international level takes place in the thirties and forties. This could particularly be remembered with the first prize for sculpture at the Quadrennial in Rome (1935) and the participation at the XXIV Venice Biennale, during which he became friend with the great sculptor Henry Moore and learned to know the American gallery owner Valentin, who encouraged him to exhibit in the United States. In the meanwhile, he lived the experience of the War, which marked his imagination and at the same time allows him to get in touch with the masters of contemporary art that had the same as him, fled to Switzerland (Giacometti, Wotruba and others). In the following years, the reputation of Marini had increased, and with it, the accolades that celebrate the artist’s capacities to lead the tradition into modernity through a poetic path of the mythical and the ancient history. His three fundamental objectives: the portrait, the female nude (le Pomone) and the man on horseback, which are interpreted with formal solutions of daring inventiveness.