When ART becomes FASHION

NY Fashion Week is almost over, soon catwalks will move to London, spring is coming… could we choose a better day to talk about fashion?

It seems that for this S/S season, stylists have chosen to let themselves inspired by palettes, colors and brushstrokes: Chanel proposes the classic 2.55 in a “oil on canvas” pattern, Antonio Marras refers to Modigliani’s elegant elongated faces, Aquilano.Rimondi on a silk blouse refers to Gauguin’s tropical pattern and Dolce and Gabbana transform brocades in Norman mosaics and laces in baroque art.

Actually, fashion is close to art since the early Sixties: it’s in 1965 that a dress by Yves Saint Laurent appears on Vogue France: unmistakable Mondrian’s lines  create a sheath dress, in perfect harmony with the minimal-chic fashion of the 60s. The dress on the cover page is not a simple one, but a real Mondrial Dress, that you can still find at Victoria and Albert Museum.

In the unforgettable SS 2012 Rodarte collection, Mullavy’s sister refer to Van Gogh’s brushstroke on brocades and tulle, creating starry skies and sunflowers patterns. A real collection… en plain air!

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