“Adopt a right”: children rights fly on the wings of AnimaBIRIKI!

On Saturday November 21, we celebrated the Convention on the Rights of the Child with “Adopt a right”, a project born from the collaboration between animaBIRIKI and Amnesty International, which involved, and will involve for over a year, museums, schools and other organizations in Italy, Switzerland and in rest of the world, through educational workshops and communication events, aimed at children and their parents.

At our headquarter we welcomed more than 20 children of all ages and, with Chiara Guerzoni of Amnesty International, we discovered their rights, in order to know and spread them through the little bird BIRIKI, real travelling testimonial of the initiative, who will metaphorically fly around the planet, leading to children all over the world its messages of peace, equality and freedom.


The Convention on the Rights of the Child reminds us, first of all, that all boys and girls are equal and no one can be discriminated because of the colour of his skin, his religion or abused if he’s poor, if he talks a different language, or if he’s male or female. This concept should also be applied to adults, but in every day life we know how difficult it is.


The Convention also reminds us that every child has the right to not be abused or exploited, to be cared for, to be fed up, to have a family, an education. He has the right to play, to freely express himself: in other words, he has the right to be a child and to live as a child.

Things that should be obvious, but unfortunately these rights are not always respected. And this does not happen only in the poorest countries or where there is no freedom, but it often happens close to us, even if we don’t realize it. For this reasons, it’s important that these rights have been put down on paper in the International Convention on the Rights, and it’s even more important that they are known, not only by parents, but also by the same children.


With “Adopt a right” we tried to carry them through an educational moment based on game and fun. Each child chose his favourite right and represented it on a special postcard, creating characters with cut-outs coloured shapes inspired by the bird BIRIKI. These characters have been shared across the web and on social networks, contributing to the spread of the contents of the International Convention on the Rights.

All this took place between the sculptures and paintings of Niki de Saint Phalle and Jean Tinguely, setted up for the exhibition “Duo. Rebel souls, kindred spirits. Intertwined destinies between art”. A perfect scenario, since Niki and Jean are two sculptors that lived art as a game to express themselves in a complete freedom and without imagination and creativity restrictions. They did it with a language very close to children one, with the childlike and dreamy joy of their colours and their rickety machines.


Biriki protects the things we like to do”: this is the best summary of the beautiful morning spent. And, obviously, it was pronounced by the innocent, sincere and direct voice of a child.

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