Food meets art: colors and flavors to Carl Walter Liner

Cooking is creation. It is like starting from the existing to create something inexistent. It is proportion and contrast. Passion and dedication. Emotion.

Cooking is, to all intents, something artistic!

The knife becomes a brush, the flat a canvas. For the rest, the action of a chef and that of a painter are not so different.

After all, food and art are basic human needs: food satisfies our body, such as art nourishes the soul. We need art emotions as well as carbohydrates and proteins.

Starting from this parallel between art and food, Artrust has always associated a specific menu to art exhibitions, combined with artist works and biography, conceived for the opening and private events.

This is the case of the last exhibition dedicated to Carl Walter Liner, where chef Paola Cacciotto, an amazing Artrust’s collaborator, created a series of original and tasty finger food, combining the colors of the famous Swiss painter and using raw materials from the places that have marked his life: Appenzell, Paris, Tuscany, Corsica, Tunisia.

And thus, orange shades have been combined with a Paris pumpkin cream soup served with smoked salmon; yellow hues with a Corsican chickpea flour polenta with Appenzell Swiss cheese; green tones with crudités and a Corsican aïoli; red with a tomato soup and toasted Tuscan bread; and finally blue with a Tunisian octopus served on a French purple potatoes purée.

Even desserts didn’t escape to this color combination: yellow-gold Parisian madeleine, tartelettes with a red strawberry Corsican coulis, spiced muffin made with a Swiss dark chocolate and Tunisian date served with an orange crème fraîche, blueberry mousse with Appenzell honey and finally a Tuscan tiramisu with green mint and chocolate.

More than just a tasting, a true gastronomic journey in Carl Walter Liner’s art and places.


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