In art we trust: art at the center of our future

It was October 17, 2013 when the exhibition dedicated to the French expressionist artist Gen Paul opened its doors. That first exhibition represented the first exciting step of an idea that came true, with the name Artrust.


Less than a year and a half has passed, but looking back and thinking about our business numbers, it seems much more. From that day on, we organized three exhibitions (dedicated to Gen Paul, Mario Comensoli and Carl Walter Liner) and now we are ready to inaugurate the fourth one dedicated to François Gall, on April 18. We exhibited 253 works and hosted over a thousand people. Not only that: we simultaneously organized more than 45 workshops for children aged 3 to 10 years and more than 15 events with institutions, associations, insurance companies and banks.


Moreover, every exhibition was accompanied by an art catalogue and books for children. In total, we have written, illustrated and paginated 435 pages, printing over 6 thousand copies. And then we shared our passion for art through the web: we wrote more than 50 posts for our blog, sent more than 15 newsletters, uploades more than 140 minutes videos, posted hundreds of tweets and photos on instagram. More than 8000 people visited our website.


These are numbers of a continuous activity, guided and supported with passion by a young and close-knit team. These months of hard work allowed us to grow and focus on our goals, our identity – in some ways unique in this sector – and better understand our next steps. That’s why we decided to start this new year with a new payoff which does not describe what we do (such a lot of activities which are difficult to be summarized in a sentence), but able to say who we are, our dreams and our direction.


“In art we trust” is born with this intention: bring art at the center of our attention. Art as an infinite engine of activities able to involve the greatest audience possible, through innovative ways, in between the educational approach of a museum and the purely commercial gallery.


This new awareness of our uniqueness needed appropriate tools to be communicated. This is why we decided to renew our website, not just with a graphic restyling, but with a major restructuring able to adapt Artrust web presence to the increased commercial, divulgative and educational offer.


Now, www.artrust.ch is an effective communication tool, able to express our identity and satisfy our needs of sharing, education and trade.


These are our focus to reach new ambitious goals and projects, without forgetting our will: live art, with art, for art.

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