Pointillism, point by point (or rather, the pixels before the invention of digital monitors…).

Re-starting from “Zero”. Contemporary art revolution.

1960-1970: the decade of the New Realism

Food from the world, a unique ingredient: wax. The art of Paola Nizzoli Desiderato.

Peinture sur le motif: from reality to canvas, through the eye of the artist

A day in Paris with François Gall

Carl Walter Liner, a successful exhibition

November, 16 was the last day of Artrust’s exhibition “Carl Walter Liner. Sotto la superficie: colori ed emozioni”, with a traditional finissage. For over a month, our exhibition spaces in Melano [...]

Food meets art: colors and flavors to Carl Walter Liner

Liner: the success of an opening event in the name of colors

Daniel Spoerri describes Daniel Spoerri

Giovanni Segantini: return to Milan. Interview to Pietro Bellasi

Artistic movements: the CO.BR.A. group

In November 1948, Paris hosted an international conference dedicated to the art of the avant-garde. While the speakers tediously debated on topics such as geometric abstraction and social [...]

Munari Polytechnic: a genius, a friend! Exhibition at Museo del Novecento in Milan

Le Corbusier: the great artist hidden behind the great architect

A wall of dedications for Comensoli

A remarkable dedication to Comensoli: the sketch of Ivo Soldini

Art meets fashion: Mario Comensoli according to the young stylist Ilaria Barone

Just like Mario Comensoli used to do giving space to young people in his works, so Artrust decided to do: on the occasion of the exhibition dedicated to the Swiss artist, Artrust organized a [...]

Mario Barino explains Comensoli

A book illustrated by Mario Comensoli

A video about Mario Comensoli

The previous exhibition on Comensoli according to the media

One Hundred Years of Carl Walter Liner

Bildnis Max Haufler: the art of portrait, according to Camenisch

Origin of the portrait Max Haufler, before establishing himself as a film actor and director, he devoted himself to painting and was a pupil of the expressionist Paul Camenisch, together with he [...]

The Rot-Blau group: high altitude expressionism

In Switzerland, between 1923 and 1927, the famous German expressionist painter Ernest Ludwig Kirchner created an association formed by the young Swiss painters Hermann Scherer, Albert Müller and [...]

Limmatlandschaft, Schneeschmelze: Max Gubler’s landscapes concept

A Swiss painter, he was born in 1898 in Zurich where he met important art merchants (Coray, Cassirer) and different Dadaists. In the twenties, he established himself as expressionist and traveled [...]

Artrust inaugurates its exhibition activities by bringing Gen Paul’s art in Switzerland

m.a.x. Museum of Chiasso and Museo delle Culture of Lugano presents: Brignoni artist and collector